Thursday, June 23, 2005

my busy life

Just thought I'd give a quick post on what I've been up to these days. Since starting my PhD last year, and especially since getting a scholarship and changing to full time this year, I seem to be swimming in an infinite sea of inspiring and necessary projects. I'll list a few.

  • got a $20,000 grant to put on one of my orchestral works in 2006 (currently trying to raise more $ - the orchestra we want to use has quoted $22,000! - but the are one of the best in Australia);
  • got a national tour happening next year here in Australia perfoming computer improvised music with a Chinese mouth organist;
  • a number of other commissions and grants in the work, will update as i know more.
Large-scale Collaboration (& Phd related):
  • nearing a launch for the Australian Bill of Rights Initiative created by myself and good friend, Mimi Marcus. Here's a link to the near completed site which will allow one and all to collaborate on writing a bill of rights for Austraila (we are the only common law country in the world without some form of bill of rights!)
  • finished the implementation and testing of a trial run of an online collaborative environment for the 200+ students in a course I'm teaching at the Centre for Ideas ( this is the Centre's home page - unfortunately my site is password protected and for students only - but let me know if you want to have a look and i'll organise it!). as of next year, it is scheduled to be embedded in the course curriculum, and will be iteratively refined for the next two years as part of my PhD;
  • looking to soon launch an online collaboration on collaboration, with the midterm objective of developing a resource on collaboration theory in any and all fields where it is utilised (thats a lot of areas!). the longterm objective is to contribute towards the development of a general theory of collaboration that might apply in most or all cases of human collaboration;
  • giving a paper at a conference in India in December (just found out, yay!);
  • co-authoring a paper on telemedicine (and the role of collaboration within its system architecure and application);
  • hopefully giving a paper at a groovy conference in India (let you know when i know);
  • a few other project that are bubbling away regarding e-democracy in Australia and, well.. a few others I'll tell you about later!
  • (oh, and still finishing up a 400 page book on paradox, living and well, everything I could think of at the time!)

Other than that, bought a house (as you probably know) and moved in this January - we love it! and as I hinted about before, looking at attempting genetic (and cultural) replication beginning in the next few months! Ok, have to get ready for the flight - see you all soon!


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