Saturday, July 16, 2005

Our trip to the US of A

Keri and I returned yesterday from our whirlwind visit of California (camping in Big Sur, Eric's place in Oakland and Susan/Sherry's place in Grass Valley) and Alaska (Bob & Ag's places in Anchorage and Nancy Lake). Just under 3 weeks wasn't really enough time, but it sure was great to see everyone. Here's some pictures:

My wonderful mother who made this trip happen! Thanks Mom, you're the best! ooxx

We started our trip with a camping stint in Big Sur for 5 days - big beautiful.

Our lovely site, o-so-relaxing! Mom (Sherry), Dennis (her boyfriend), Eric, Sally, Carl (her fiance), Jason, Saranie all came for visits during that time.

Solar cooking with squirrels!?

Here's (l. to r.) Saranie (adjusting her height), Carl, Sally, Sherry, me, Jason & Keri at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur. (Missing Dennis - he's taking the picture!)

Jason (one of my bestest friends away back from high school days) & Saranie on the beach.

And then we were off to Grass Valley to stay with Aunt Susan and Mom. Here's the river - very nice on those hot days - you can just see me snorkeling to the left of the bottom rapids.

(l. to r.) Keri, Eric, Alan (my uncle - Sherry's brother), Marsha (Alan's friend), me, Mom, Dennis (her man). - No picture of Susan (Mom's sister) unfortunately, she was strictly opposed to photos!

Brian (my other best friend from high school) and his beautiful family!

And then we are in Alaska... in a Dad (Bob's) plane!

And look at these views!
Mountains, snow, glaciers...


and more glaciers!
Out the windows on the other side of the plane, you could see the river (which starts in the lower left hand corner) empying into the ocean - the complete cycle!



and mugs... Oops, where'd that come from?!

Talkeetna just in time for the Moose Dropping Festival. And a postcard perfect picture of Dad, Ag and Red.

Another quaint shot in front of Dad & Ag's fantastic cabin on Nancy lake!

Cousin Corinne (Dad's sister, Kay's daughter - missed seeing you Kay, love you and hope to see you soon!), her husband Ernie and Sabrina the wild smiler!

And then back to Eric's place in Oakland.

We're waiting on a few more last picture that we took on Eric's camera (he's mailing us a disk) so now we have to jump our 17 hour lay-over in Taipei, Taiwan:

We wandered through the streets of Taipei for a whole day and had a great time - despite some serious jetlag!

At the botanical gardens.

That's a BIG building! - the national opera house - can you see the man in the white shirt at the very top of the ramp?

So that's about the jist of our trip. Of course i left out a huge amount of pictures and events, but any re-representation of reality can never be complete, oh well!

Hoping to be reading blogs from all of you soon! And feel free to leave a note by posting a comment below - just click on "# Comments".


p.s. sorry if i misspelt anyone's name!


Blogger Eric said...

Nice array of pictures. It is a good record of your visit with visual accompaniment. I was finally able to open your blog page by downloading firefox and using it as my browser.

7/30/2005 5:28 AM  
Blogger The Anderson's said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of your trip to the USA! I really enjoyed seeing photos of the family. Everyone looks so beautiful and so happy :-)

Big Hugs!!


12/30/2005 12:45 PM  

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