Monday, December 05, 2005

alive & well in Delhi

Hi everybody, I'm going to try to blog reasonably frequently while i'm here in India (4th - 19th of Dec) so feel free to check daily - however i'll send out a group email notice when ever i update. Sorry there's no pictures in here - the computer that can upload images doesn't work until 3pm, go figure.

I got a ride from the airport to the hotel from a very nice Nepalese boy (allone in Inida, working and sending money back to his family - he said he doesn't like Indians cause they cheat too much). we had a good chat on the 25k ride into the city. when i said that i was born in the USA, he replied "oh! you come from an expensive country!" what could i say but to agree. The poverty here is of course astounding, it is hard to comprehend the scope of it and how it will change. I arrived at the hotel at about 10pm and everything went smoothly.

I slept quite well (although there seemed to be no end to the noise in the hallway throughout the night) and woke at 10am feeling very refreshed. I turned on the tv to remove the blur from my eyes and after watching for a few minutes, all the channels when to static and then all the power to the hotel cut out. I figured this was a good indication that this would be an interesting trip.

The power came back on shortly and after a shower went downstairs for b-fast. the conseirge warned me of a multitude of possible (if not likely) events when i said i wanted to take a quick walk around outside before breakfast, however i had no troubles at all. Food was ok (except for the flies drowning in the condaments) and the tea is sooooo sweet that it will takesome time to get used to. I'm not sure what i'll do today, probably call some people that i'm supposed to meet, do a little exploring and find a cafe to work on my presentation for the conference. I guess i'm still trying to shift gears out of the crazyness of organising to leave Melbourne.

That's it for now, and pictures to come soon!


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