Friday, December 09, 2005

The Pleasures of Delhi

I've been spending an unfortunately large amount of my time here either in the internet cafe (not a cafe at all) and my small, windowless room working on my presentation for the conference - Note to self: finish all work before going to over seas conferences!

Despite this slavery to my ambitions, I've still managed to have a bit of fun here and there.

There are the markets...

which are sprawling and vibrant.

The food...

yum! - this 'Mexican breakfast' costs AUS$2, which is fairly pricy. (No Delhi belly yet thankfully.)

New friends of course...

Yvette - the trade union organiser from Sydney & Paul a nuclear engineer from England.

Enis & Shakir from Kashmir.

No end of crazy distopian scenes - more of which are coming in next installment.

Tomorrow morning I head off to Agra for a brief stop at the ole Taj Mahal, and then on to Hyderabad for the conference. May be a few days till a post, but I'll have a huge load for next time (i've been saving a bundle for a special feature on 'Povery & Dissability'). Till next time...


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