Monday, May 22, 2006

Double Vision Is Finally Settling In

This post was moved here from another location. It was originally published March 20, 2006.

It really has taken me a few days just to get a hold on this idea - and I'm not yet sure I have! I'm still getting a pang in the stomach whenever i really think of the idea in depth, I wonder why? After all, it is just two kids (like i wanted to begin with) just at once.

I was reading in one of our many pregnancy books that at the 12 week ultrasound we will be able to tell whether or on they are identical or not. This is apparently done by measuring the layers which separate their placentas. That should be exciting! We may also be able to tell sex then, but for that I think a lot depends upon their position and development. Our orientation with this whole thing is 'total awareness' - not that that is possible, but whatever info we can know, we want to know it - so, when we find out gender, we will be sharing it!

I continue to be surprised by people's responses - twins seems to be something special. It is interesting that going back to the 80's, around 1 in 100 women gave birth to twins. Now that we are giving birth later (which increases the chances of twins) and with IVF and other fertility treatments (which also increase the rate of multiple births), the odds seem to be getting closer to 1 in 50. I postulated to Keri in the car today that perhaps in 30-50 years time, it will be the common thing to have all your kids in one go! They'll come out really early and live in humidity cribs - perhaps 2-4 in a litter! Less stress on the body, more opportunities for career etc. Kinda weird and clone-ish, but who knows??!

BTW - at 10/11 weeks, the little tikes are 1.25 inches or 30cm long and look something like this:

We were reading also that there is apparently quite a bit of interaction that takes place in the womb, kicking and pushing each other - hopefully hugging too - which might begin to show their personalities with how they respond! Amazing!!!


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