Monday, May 22, 2006


This post was moved here from another location. It was originally published March 17, 2006.

The screen looked like a bunch of blobs of grey and black - I was thinking "gee, that doesn't look right, where's the baby?!" Of course i had no idea how to interpret what I was looking at, so I really didn't believe it when the obstetrician said: "Well... looks like you've got two!"

This is what we saw:

Since the both have their own placentas and yolk sacks, and that they are both of healthy size and features, their is more of a chance that they will both go full term. We won't know sex for a few weeks - that will be the first indications as to whether they are identical or fraternal. It is so surreal, it is still quite challenging for me to come to terms with. Seems like the universe is having fun with us!

Keri just poked her head in and said "hi, just vomiting, be back in a minute" - this explains the extreme morning sickness she's been having - more babies, more hormones wreaking havoc on her poor system. Not only that, but they say that the whole birthing process will be a bit more hard. There's a high likelihood she will have to have a caesarean section - apparently the first baby usually comes out ok, but often the second isn't in a good position. Also, there will be _increased_ chance of preeclampsia.

It has been really interesting telling people about this - there is such a reaction to the notion of twins, it really makes us feel like it is something special. Of course any baby would be special, and is, so I'm not really sure why, but it just feels different some how... Weird, but immensely exciting!


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