Monday, May 22, 2006


This post was moved here from another location. It was originally published March 31, 2006.

I know this whole process will be over in a blink, and before I know it I'll be considering the latest orthodontic treatment, but whoever coined the phrase 'a watched pot never boils' knew a little something about pregnancy! I'm really hanging out for the ultrasound on Tuesday - it is the 'big 12 week one' - we will find out a lot more detail about the babies' development - information regarding the likelihood of Down’s syndrome, their growth and general development, possibly gender, possibly whether or not they are identical or fraternal and a bunch of other things I probably won't understand. Really, I just can't wait to see them again - what an amazing experience! And apparently this ultrasound machine will be much better than the last one we used - even better resolution!

Keri seems (fingers crossed) to be doing a bit better regarding morning sickness - still puking daily, but not quite as consumed by debilitating nausea and fatigue. Now that there is a tiny window opening, we are starting to focus on nutrition again - for a few weeks there, was very few things she could even think about consuming - chocolate milk, a specific kind of chip - Burger Rings (yuck), donuts, a little tuna etc.

Her belly is starting to show already I guess that's not too surprising considering there's twice the volume in there as a normal pregnancy! Very exciting, but still just waiting for the appointments next week. We also have a visit with the obstetrician on Monday during which we might get another go on the old not-so-great ultrasound which would be great! I'll post more movies soon!


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