Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Never Ending Search for Seamless Trans-Global Communication, oh, & the Babes

Well, I'm gearing up for the big event in the coming months, and along with prams, cots, clothes and breast pumps, I I really needed to get my blogging technology up to scratch. 'How am I going to blog effectively from the hospital, or from play group?' I was asking myself, and then out of the blue I was reading a blog about blogging (funny that) and read about - at last, I can blog from my mobile phone with no internet middleman, and for free! (I sound like a salesman)

So, without further adieu, here it is, my moblog!

I know what you're thinking - 'surely Blogger supports mobile blogging?!' and they do, it just appears that they don't for me all the way over here in the land of Oz. If they do sometime soon, I'll certainly post here to keep you from having to keep up with two different blogs - though it is probably about time for you to get up to speed with the 21st century and get a blog reader - free and easy and makes the reading of the multitudes much much more easy. My preference is Bloglines is a 'newsreader' that aggregates all your blogs and when you open it in a browser, shows you what blogs have new posts and you can read those new posts without even having to go to each site individually - it will 'suck' the info in.

Anyway, enof technoblab. Keri's doing much better morningsicknesswise, though she has had a mild cold over the last week that seems to be resolving itself. Her belly is getting sooo big - I'll have to do a moblog of it ;-). I guess one would expect this for having two babies in there, but still, the growth is quite a sight to behold.

We had an obstetrician appointment and ultra sound - sorry no pix this time :-( - last monday and everything seems to be chugging along fine. Both boys are at normal size and weight and are moving around like crazy. Now Keri feels them giving her a smack when she lays her arm across her belly and she can see the water rippling from their movement in the bath!

Our stay at Paul's (Keri's brother's) place has been very peaceful (the first post on my moblog is from the balcony). We've had three weeks here and have one more to go, then it is back to Doncaster to Dale & Peter's (Keri's parent's) place. We are in the middle of the city 24 floors up which is wonderfully central for our work - which basically means we can sleep in longer!

The builders are about to start demolition next week (I think I've said this before) after a hold up with the council, so it looks like we might be spending the first couple of weeks after birth at Dale & Peter's. Which could be good with regards to having more support during what will no doubt be a challenging time.

Well, guess that will do. I might post a bit more over the next few weeks while I'm on break from teaching. I'll be heading up to the Norther Territory for a project that I'm working on (creating an online environment for this univeristy course) in couple of weeks for one week - very excited! Hopefully my moblog will work from there. More baby stuff soon...



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